Best Car Chargers for Your Next Road Trip

At a time when we’re relying on our mobile devices for pretty much everything, it’s no surprise that they’re getting more in-car use than ever before.

Google Maps, Waze, and several other good navigation apps help get you where you’re going. Spotify or Apple Music lets you stream your favorite tunes. A tablet for the kids to watch their favorite games and movies can be the difference between an easy trip and very high blood pressure.

With all of that, however, comes a problem: keeping everything charged. On a long trip, even the biggest phone batteries will drain hours before you arrive at your destination.

That’s where car chargers come in. Available in a wide range of wired and wireless versions, with extra features that let you do everything from jump-start your vehicle to charge your laptop, there’s a car charger out there for every need, budget, and trip.

One size doesn’t fit all, however, and it’s worth thinking about the needs of both your devices and passengers before deciding what to spend your money on. Whether you’re driving across the country or just across the city