What to Look for in a Portable Speaker

What to Look for in a Portable Speaker
If you want your tunes to sound awesome wherever you are, consider the following when choosing a portable Bluetooth speaker:

Size and Weight
The idea of investing in a portable Bluetooth speaker is that you will be able to listen to your music everywhere you go. If the speaker is too big and bulky to fit in your carry-on luggage easily, then that defeats the purpose.

Keep your new speaker as lightweight as possible and as compact as you can get away with. Speakers measuring between 4-6 inches have enough space to produce a decent sound, but are still small enough to keep with you on the move.

Battery Life
You don’t want to get caught short with a speaker that cuts out in the middle of nowhere, so be sure to buy one that offers a decent battery life paired with reasonably short charging times.

Many modern Bluetooth speakers will provide between 6-10 hours of continuous playback from a single charge. Of course, taking your charger with you is a no-brainer, and remember to charge the speaker overnight when possible.

Waterproof and Dust-proof
While you probably have no intention of dropping your speaker in the pool anytime soon, accidents can happen. Avoid total destruction by investing in a speaker with an IPX7 rating, which will protect it against sudden soakings and really bad weather.

Rubberized and built to last, these types of speakers also offer useful protection against dust, sand, and even snow.

Voice Control
Some Bluetooth speakers have the technology to become your personal voice-activated DJ wherever you are.

While these types of speakers are more expensive than a simple audio-only setup, they can offer you much more than just top tunes while you travel. They can also act as your internet search engine using other AI apps like Google Assistant or Siri, and can even connect with Amazon’s Alexa.

Performance Quality and Volume
The very best way to decipher how well a speaker will perform is to test it. If you can’t, other key indicators of good all-around sound include an output of between 15 and 20 watts, a wide frequency Hz measurement for a fuller sound, and low impedance for strong bass.

Daisy Chain or Connect Multiple Speakers
Many portable speakers can be “daisy-chained” or connected to each other to create a big, more rounded sound. This simply means that by using the appropriate cable, you can plug your speaker into other speakers or audio devices to create a richer and louder sound.

Others will come with an app that allows you to connect multiple devices to share your sound and make it even louder.